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Getting The Fundamentals Right


Today, Wei Zhe is a creative and imaginative child. He enjoys playing with LEGO, painting and drawing, engaging in art projects. He excels in making friends in school because of his charitable heart for those in need of help. Looking at him today, you wouldn’t think of the struggles he had to go through as a child. When he was younger, his parents had to send him to a board certified educational psychiatrist due to his difficulties in school. He was not able to learn, speak in full sentences, remember his spelling lessons, much less to even understand his mathematics subjects and solve arithmetic problems.

The psychiatrist tested him and found out that he has an IQ score of 67 and recommended him to be placed in a special needs school instead. His parents were devastated! They did not want him to be sent to a special school!

His parents searched high and low for help with their only son. One day his Mum heard Dr. Ng speak on education on the radio and sought him out to train Wei Zhe. Upon analysing the child, Dr. Ng diagnosed Wei Zhe with a myriad of problems, both cognitively and physically.

Dr Ng recommended their parents to send their child for therapy and enrolled him in the NeuroLAT Interventionist program. In just two (2) months, the parents brought Wei Zhe back to the psychiatrist for a retest, and the psychiatrist was shocked that Wei Zhe has improved to a tested IQ score of 88. With renewed hope in Wei Zhe’s incredible progress, his parents continued him in the NeuroLAT program. After another 2 months of training, he was retested with an IQ score of 111!

At age 13, Wei Zhe is now enrolled in a mainstream secondary school and has recently obtained top in class for the Design and Technology subject, and second in class for his Computer studies.

A Deeper Love for Learning


Eden has always been cheerful and outgoing that his teachers and friends adore having him around, and he exudes confidence and a willing attitude to learning. However, when it came to Mathematics, it just seems as if he could not grasp the concepts as well as he does the other subjects, scoring 66 at his best.

To improve his learning, his teacher enrolled him into the online NeuroLAT program. After four (4) months of training, they were shocked and extremely happy to receive word from the school that Eden has not only gotten a 100% for his mid-term Maths test, but has also won the “Best Improvement Award”.

His parents and teachers are overjoyed and proud of Eden’s progress as it is extremely rare for any student to obtain a perfect score in his class!

Eden feels more confident and happier in class now, and has developed a growing love for Maths!

Regaining Confidence


Hi, my name is Karen Ang. Just an update, as of April 2016, my child is attending 5th grade in a mainstream class!

My child has diagnosed with slight autism about three to four years ago, and at the recommendation of my husband, I started to tune into a broadcast on UFM100.3 by Dr. Ng on helping your child succeed in school in face of learning difficulties and emotional issues. Dr. Ng’s careful analysis and his question-and-answer segment have helped many parents on the issues that their children are facing. I listened to Dr. Ng continuously for two years and had benefitted greatly. I often find myself making time for his radio broadcasts and educational seminars in order to get a better understanding on how to raise my child in both academia and in life.

When the NeuroLAT training program was introduced, I decided to purchase it in hope that it would help my child in his PSLE (final elementary examinations) and earn him a right to a good middle school education. Everyday after school, if I sense that my child is not exhausted or buried in homework, I would make him complete a day’s worth of training on NeuroLAT. It takes about 30 mins to complete each lesson. Every time my child worked on the training program, I would stand behind him with a piece of paper and pen and follow the questions in the lesson with him. In the beginning first couple of days, I would hint the answer to my child. After the first two days, my son told me that he would rather do the questions himself without my help. I am ne with it but I would also liked to be trained. He said, “Mom, are you afraid of getting Alzheimer’s disease?” I laughed, “Okay, but you are not allowed to peep at my answers then!”

From my school days, I have always hated Maths! I have never understood it nor understand why I needed it. As such, I absolutely could not help my son in Maths and therefore send him to a tutor. Occasionally, I sit in with my son during his Maths tutoring sessions and would follow his lessons. After one such session, the tutor took a look at the Maths problems I am solving along with my son, and praised me. I was shocked! Not once in my life did a Maths teacher ever praised me! She remarked that I was qualified to tutor my son.

As my son’s final examinations drew closer, he brought out his mid-term assessment papers to me to get them signed and had a really sad look on his face. He has averaged an 11 (out of 100) points on his tests. He lowered his head and said nothing. I knew he was devastated. I tried to give him words of encouragement and he asked, “Mom, now with Dr. Ng’s training program, would I be able to score better?” I told him, “If you work hard on it, I know you will be able to score more points!” Then he replied, “Mom, I will progress! I will be hardworking and get better scores!” He really did work hard on his training and very soon, I was extremely surprised and proud when he pulled out a Maths test paper from his bag lled with numerous marks and a lack of marks on it. My son loves learning now and I have seen a huge lift in his self-confidence. I want to say a big thank you to Dr. Ng and his carefully researched and developed training system, NeuroLAT.

I know that there are a lot of mental games out there on the internet, but the difference between the games and Dr. Ng’s training program are the results!”

Developing New Abilities

Student’s Age: 11

“I have a child with autism studying in Pathlight School, Ragnar, who is academically weak. He failed his Primary 1 and also failed most of his subjects in Primary 4. So I don’t have many expectations on him considering that he has autism.

When my wife enrolled him for NeuroLAT program, I was very skeptical about it and thinking what was so powerful about the program? In fact, I was a bit annoyed that my wife bought the program without my permission as it was a huge investment. Since she had already bought it, I would just wait and see what NeuroLAT can do for him.

After 1 month into the program, the first drastic difference I observed was Ragnar had acquired new ability in the topic called Symmetry. For other normal children, I think it is a very easy concept but for Ragnar no matter how hard I tried to teach him, he just cannot draw the other side of the triangle or square correctly. However, after going on the program, now he is able to relate and draw very fast and accurately even for the very complex question in this topic.

The greatest improvement came in when he sat for his mid-year exams after just over 1 month on NeuroLAT. I was hoping for him to score just slightly above 50 but he got 73 for his math! His previous semester’s score was 47! I also saw his improvement from being a borderline student to now enjoying his studies. His Science also improved a lot. For language classes, he is now able to sit still and concentrate better in class. Prior to the program, I have always find it a challenge to make him sit still, let alone focus on his lessons as attention span for autistic kids tend to be very short.

By end of 2017, Ragnar achieved Band 1 in his Mathematics and Science subjects effortlessly. This was merely 7 months into NeuroLAT program which he does conscientiously on a daily basis!

The improvement results of my kid have totally erased my previous misconception for the program as I always thought that NeuroLAT only works for mainstream normal kids but I am now fully convinced that NeuroLAT works for autistic kids as well. It is indeed amazing to see an autistic kid improving so much in such a short span of time.

I strongly recommend parents who have children with autism to give it a try on this program so they can see how far their children can develop through NeuroLAT.”

Autistic youth’s vast improvement makes family so happy


“A 20-year old autistic youth has just completed his one-year training under NeuroLAT. He was guided how to do his lessons on the program and the young man diligently completed his training 3 times a day.

After 10 days, his parents and trainer were amazed at the vast improvements. The young man suddenly gained greater self-awareness and with his increased cognitive abilities, he was able to overcome many of his behavioural and learning difficulties. His transformation included being able to ask his Dad and siblings to watch TV with him instead of being a loner, and instead of snatching his mum’s smartphone to watch YouTube videos, he would let her know first that he wanted to check the phone’s battery before using it.

Said the mum, Janice: For four years, my husband and I have been struggling to break two of my son’s dirty habits that people cannot tolerate – I won’t mention what they are – but it was only after six to nine months of undergoing NeuroLAT that he managed to completely stop. All along, we gave him detailed explations about hygiene and the harm the habits were doing to his own body and how it was unacceptable to other people – but he could never accept it before and he refused to change. With the program, his thinking changed: he could understand and process the information and reason it out. And just like that, he stopped!

“My husband and I are so glad we invested in the program. Before, he could not socialise, despite us taking him for gatherings with other autistic children and attending a special class in government school. Now, after completing the one-year program, we have started sending him for art and dance classes.

“We are very keen to begin a second year’s program for him soon.”

“All we want is for our son to have a relationship with his two older siblings and to live an independent, useful life and be accepted. We know we won’t be here forever… ”

Winning Academic Championship Cup with NeuroLAT


My grandson has won his school’s academic championship cup, thanks to the NeuroLAT program!

My 7-year-old grandson, Jayden, is in the second grade of a primary school in Hong Kong. We have always observed that he is a smart and gifted child. However, he has never obtained a perfect test score from his schoolwork or examinations due to his careless mistakes. We have lectured him many times in hope to correct his ways but there was still no improvement.

When he saw his sister use the NeuroLAT A.I. training course we brought her to improve her studies, he requested for it as well. We felt that it was unnecessary as he is already a very intelligent child. We did not think he needed the NeuroLAT training program at all. He pleaded and nagged at us every day to get him the program till we finally gave in and bought a year of program’s license for him albeit reluctantly.

We were very confident that the progress report he would receive after his 1st 3 months would be impressive. On the contrary, when the analysis report was out, we saw that he had a lot of areas in which he needed improvement. We couldn’t believe it! We thought that the test was faulty. However, since we have already paid for the program, we asked him to continue to diligently use the program to improve in the areas he was weak in.

Time flew by, and we came to the end of the school term with the summer holidays coming up. This also meant that the annual school reports were about to come out.

My grandson came up to me and told him that he would be receiving the school championship award, and the first one to receive it in his grade! I did not believe him and simply smiled at him.

I remembered the day before he left for school, he was searching around the house for a large recycling bag for him to put his trophy in. I still did not believe it and felt that he could be exaggerating. I found out later that he did not want to be seen bagging the large championship trophy when he took the school bus as it would provoke the envy of his classmates.

We are now so grateful that he has the chance to use the NeuroLAT program!

The program not only strengthened his weak points but also enhanced his strengths to enable him to discover his hidden potential!

Overcoming Obstacles


“My eldest granddaughter in Hong Kong has always struggled with her Mathematics and she is so hardworking she has tuition every day by her Dad, her Mom and her changing tuition teachers. It was so painful to see her unable to overcome her poor ability to understand Mathematics concepts, not to mention unable to pass any of her Mathematics assessments in her entire Primary School to-date. I even had to shed tears quietly in my room as I felt so grieved and helpless seeing my 10-year old granddaughter feeling so awful this way. We took her on a holiday to Taipei and she even wrote on the Tian Deng at Kong Ming lantern festival she wanted to score 85 marks for her Maths. I felt even more terrible and helpless as it’s not that she didn’t want to study but she was simply unable to overcome her disabilities in Maths.

The turning point came when I finally found NeuroLAT program when it was launched in March 2016 and persuaded my daughter to buy it for my granddaughter to help her in her studies. Just when she was about to sit for her Mathematics exams, she fell sick with hand-foot-mouth disease and had to be quarantined for 2 weeks so she had to sit for re-exams. As such, she couldn’t have tuition nor attend school so she just did NeuroLAT lessons diligently daily before the exams. That year

was a great breakthrough as my granddaughter finally scored 85 to everyone’s surprise and even had close to full marks for her English exams. Her memory also improved significantly. My other daughter then bought NeuroLAT for her 4-year old granddaughter studying in Singapore. She finds the program very fun and can recall so fast! She becomes so bright that she can even figure out new and better ways to tackle her problems

My granddaughter continued diligently with NeuroLAT and in just more than half a year into her Primary 5 education, she was offered into the elite class stream given her deeper intelligence now unlocked through NeuroLAT. This news completely surprised all of us!

We are really grateful such a powerful program is now available to improve the learning abilities and studies of children.”

Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence, NeuroLAT is the world FIRST & ONLY proven accelerated learning abilities training.

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