Proven Accelerated Learning Programme

Find out how 20 mins a day will help unlock your kid’s full academic potential.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

The A.I. program skillfully diagnoses the child’s cognitive level and generates the suitable learning abilities questions for each learning ability. The dynamic training system progresses the child to the next level of difficulty at his/her own pace.

Fun-filled Elements

The program comes packed with tonnes of great modules making it not just enriching and exciting, and also enables your kids to earn motivating rewards along the way!

Convenient to Access

This program only requires about 20-30 minutes per lesson at least once a day, on a laptop, desktop, Wifi-enabled iPad or Tablet anytime, anywhere. It is lessons on the go!

Enhanced Learning Abilities Guaranteed

NeuroLAT trains more than 30+ learning abilities to help students learn and process academic contents much better and faster. This helps them to achieve higher academic performance effortlessly.

About NeuroLAT ?

Our programs are built on the research of Karl Witte, a 19th-century German philosopher and pastor who pioneered the understanding that the child’s learning environment and method of learning are essential to great success. As a result of his training, his son was fluent in 6 languages by the age of 9 and was awarded a PhD in philosophy at the age of 14 and PhD in law at the age of 16. He has been listed in the Guinness book of records as the youngest PhD holder, still stands unbeatable after more than 200 years.

“Dr Ng revives and adapts in the 21st century digital age the same training techniques that Karl Witte used to train his own Down Syndrome child.”.

We help your child with more than 30 Learning Abilities

  • Problem Solving
  • Detailed Memory
  • Combinations
  • Observation
  • Word Recognition
  • Visual Sequencing Memory
  • Auditory Sequencing Memory
  • Extended Meaning
  • Understanding Concepts
  • Sequencing
  • Evaluations
  • Abstract Concepts
  • Spatial Perceptual Abilities
  • System of Mathematical Value Abilities
  • Vocabulary Coherent Abilities
  • Photographic Memory Abilities
  • Similarity Abilities
  • Visual Closure Abilities
  • Visual/Auditory Memory Abilities
  • Conceptualisation Abilities
  • Classifications Abilities
  • Reading Speed
  • Sequential Memory Abilities
  • Strategies of Planning Abilities
  • Sequential Extension Abilities
  • System Convergent Abilities
  • Logical Thinking Abilities
  • Visual Motor Spatial Abilities
  • Visual/Auditory Memory
  • Details Memorisation
  • Reading Comprehension – Languages
  • Reading Speed – Languages
  • Creativity Abilities – Science
  • Arithmetics – Maths
  • Mathematics – Maths

Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence, NeuroLAT is the world FIRST & ONLY proven accelerated learning abilities training.

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